Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ella's Six Month Update

SIX MONTHS! Oh man, has it already been that long? On one hand time is flying, but since I can't picture my life without's like she has been a part of me forever. Does that even make sense? Probably not. Happy Half-Birthday Baby Girl!
Ella is a little smiling, laughing, rolling, grabbing and pulling machine! One major milestone this past month is that she has now started to sit up. I usually put the Boppy pillow around her since she is still a little wobbly. She gets stronger every day, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she no longer needs the extra cushion. She likes to sit and play with her little vanity set (Grandpa for the win on her favorite toy of the month).

She doesn't crawl yet...she rolls ALL OVER. I turned my back for two seconds the other day and she ended up under our coffee table! She's zippy ("don't kid yourself"...a Great Grandma quote). This month she is also figuring out how to use her hands. She started holding her own bottle, pulling the spoon into her mouth, and playing with the iPad even more. She has a few favorite apps which I'll be sharing in another post. Such a serious face!

Some new foods that she has tried are carrots and bananas. The Pediatrician told me to just buy carrots from the store and not make them myself because they can contain large amounts of nitrates. She absolutely loves them. I hope this isn't a sign that she hates my cooking...otherwise we are in trouble! The other day she had her first official snack. Choking freaks me out (is anyone really "okay" with choking?) but she turned these little rice rusks to mush quickly with all that slobber. Don't be fooled by the expression, this kid was so excited when I handed this to her and she realized it was edible. It was pretty funny watching her chew! That face...omgggg!
Her eyes seems to have settled on this hazel-ish color. They change in different lighting but I still can't seem to picture them turning fully blue or brown. I guess anything can still happen at this point since they can change up until one year. We'll see!
You better believe I watched this video about a million times... I call it her "spoon trick".

We have a nice day to day routine set. Yes there are a few variations, but for the most part we have things down to a science as much as you can with a 6 month old. She sleeps through the night (most nights). We have been putting her down around 9:00 and she sleeps until about 5:30-6:00ish. When she is at the sitter's house during the day she naps about four hours a day. When I take her home, she sometimes puts in up to another hour of nap time - but not always. On the weekends it's iffy because of the fact that we stray from our usual routine. No big deal, we just plan for potential crankiness. HA!

Besides her yucky sickness it was a GREAT month! She is teething like crazy - still no teeth. Maybe soon! I can't wait to see what the next month will bring, although if time wants to slow down a bit...I'd be okay with that!
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  1. Awwww, this is so cute! I seriously just watched that video like five times! I love it!

  2. Can't believe it's 6 months! It's so crazy!

  3. Ella has BEAUTIFUL eyes!!! I also love that photo of her with the banana - too cute! Happy 6 months, Ella!

  4. My niece also didn't crawl for awhile. She would just roll across the room!

  5. She is so dang cute! She's the same age as my niece & she has that beauty salon thingie too & loves it! :)


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