Friday, March 28, 2014

First Family Vacay

Short and incredibly sweet! That's the best way I could describe our first official vacation as a family of three. Hubs and I have done this many times before (traveling to NY to visit the fam). We know the drill. You never get to do everything you want to do and see everyone that you want to see. Add a baby to the mix and it's even more difficult to squeeze everything in! We sure did try!
After our flight landed on Friday, Stephens parents picked us up and spent the rest of the day with us at my parents house - my brother was there too. It was a nice laid back and relaxing day after our hectic adventure at the airport earlier that morning. Lots of family came by that night to see us meet the baby.

On Saturday we spent a lovely day at Stephens parents house on the North Fork. Up until a few months ago it was a Bed & Breakfast. They have since retired - but the house still has that charming and quaint feel. Lots more family came by to spend the day with us. Ella had a chance to meet some of her cousins too.

Sunday morning the Sergi's (the kids that I used to babysit) came over. They are so big now, and still adorable of course. Ella loved meeting "Aunt Kaci and Uncle Joseph"! Afterwards we went to my adorable little cousin Gianna's first birthday party. More family, more cousins and of course more good times!

Monday was a chance to relax. Stephen and I probably needed it more than Ella. My dad has been SO busy this tax season...but he was able to get a little extra quality time in before heading back to the office. The Sergi's came over later that night again to play!

Tuesday we were able to spend time with my mom, Stephen's parents, and my brother before our flight home that afternoon. As usual, it wasn't easy to say "goodbye" so instead we said "see you soon". We miss everyone already! This was the first of many trips Ella will be taking up to was certainly memorable at least for Hubs and I!
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  1. Yay! So glad you had a great time :)

  2. Glad you got to see so much of your family!!
    Sounds like you all fit in quite a lot in a few days :)

  3. Sounds like a very nice trip. :)


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