Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not Much Cooking This Week....And Next

Guys, I'm overwhelmed. It doesn't really make any sense to me - especially since I'm just 4 work days away from SPRING BREAK! I took Friday off and we are heading up to New York. 
Potential reasons why I'm feeling overwhelmed:
1. I'm nervous about how Ella will do on the plane.
2. I'm already feeling anxiety over the fact that we will not be able to see all the people we want to see, and do all the things we want to do.
3. WORK - I'm not going to lie, things are picking up and the working Mommy thing is taking a toll on me.
4. Not enough time in the day (I knowwww everyone feels this way).

Are these silly things to be worrying about? I think I need to put things into perspective.  My brain is going a mile a minute lately. Just watched The Lion King. Timon and Pumba sure know how to keep it real. This problem free philosophy is going to be my mantra this week...
I'm trying my hardest to not to let numbers 1 & 2 get to me. Let's face it...this trip will be amazing and memorable. We can't wait for everyone to meet Ella, and for her to experience her first big trip. It will be short, but jam-packed with a ton of excitement. There's a HUGE ("yooooge") part of me that is SO looking forward to it. 

Separating work from home hasn't been easy...I thought I'd be better at it. I have a "working Mom update" post in the works for you all, so I'll save the details for that then. 

Speaking of blogging, you may have noticed I haven't been around much lately. One thing I promised myself is that I won't let this blog stress me out. I decided to let myself off the hook and not worry if it's been a few days since posting. This thing is supposed to be fun and I'm keeping it that way! If only there was more time in the day for me to post and share all of the things I really want. There are so many future blog post ideas in my head. Eventually I'll get to those. For now though I'm trying to keep my life as simple as possible and spend my time with this one little lady who has stolen my heart. 
Which brings me to the main point I was trying to get to before completely going off on a tangent....there isn't much cooking this week...and next! I've got frozen hot dogs defrosting for one day, tacos will surely make an appearance - but that's all folks. After our NY trip I am getting my act back together in the kitchen. I have a fancy new food processor that I have intentions of breaking in. Stay tuned! 

If you are looking for some ideas for what to cook this week and defrosted hot dogs just aren't doing it for you...check out my archive of weekly meal plans and recipes!

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