Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Parents Have My Undivided Attention

Hey there! I just wanted to pop on for a quick update. Today was my last day at work, I'm back on summer vacay until the end of July. The first two weeks just felt like practice, but now this time it's for realsies! Hubs and I have some fun things planned over the course of the next few weeks...including a family vacation to Savannah and then moving into our very first house shortly after that!

Once again, the goal is to disconnect from work as much as possible. Okay, so I might just peek at my e-mail from time to time JUST to see what's piling up...and maybe ward off a few things. Other than that, it will be nothing but fun in the sun, family time, days home with my peanut, catching up on some reading, trying out new recipes and of course blogging!

Right now, my parents are in town for a hot second. I'm ecstatic that they planned this last minute little trip down here. My mom has been here a few days already, and my dad is on his way from the airport as we speak as I type!

They leave on Sunday morning...moral of the story = my parents will have my undivided attention over these next few days! I'll just be busy eating up moments like these...
Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!!!
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  1. Totally understandable....enjoy every single moment :)


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