Sunday, June 1, 2014

What's cooking this week?

I'm freaking out! The charger to my 8 year old MacBook is on its last legs. I've got 60% battery left and it's possible that I won't be able to position the charger in such a way to give this bad boy any more power. Granted, this laptop is a piece...of work....yeahhhh, work. This is my second charger. We've been wrapping it with electrical tape for about two years now. Whyyyyy now? I'm officially on summer break and I need to catch up on this blog! Now I have the time, but without a charger I'm going to be posting from my iPad - which isn't the same. Anyway, Hubs and I are deciding whether or not we want to just buy another charger to hold us over, OR buy a new MacBook. Guess what my vote is.... we'll see!!! Enough of's what's cooking...
Tonight: Turkey Chili
Monday: Parmesan Crusted Chicken Caesar Salad
Tuesday: Black Bean Veggie Quesadillas
Wednesday: Grandpa's Marinara
Thursday: Stuffed Veggie Pizza Rolls
Friday: Turkey Bacon BLTC's

Yesterday was such a nice day! We visited the new house and took measurements. The more time I spend there, the more I fall in love with it. Hubs and I are going to decide on a moving date later today. The end of July would be perfect, but it might not be until August. This photo of Daddy and Ella-Bean from our little outing yesterday makes me smile! (This is NOT the new house, although how amazing would it be to have a porch like this?!?!)
We also went to a furniture store to start scouting out some couches, and after that dropped in on Mal's Mamma at her job! Someone was a little jealous...
HA! Anyway, my little love muffin is waking up from her nap - I've got to wrap this up! Hopefully the weather holds out so we could make it down to the pool later! Have a great Sunday! 
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  1. I know what you mean about blogging from a computer/laptop instead of an iPad/Kindle. I prefer the clicking of the keyboard over the swiping on my Kindle. I just feel that things flow better when on a computer. So, I hear ya, girl! :)


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