Monday, June 9, 2014

This Sums It Up

I have a new Macbook charger on its way. I guess you could tell how "Operation New Macbook" turned out. I'll just have to wait until we get settled into the new house I suppose. In the meantime let's just hope this thing holds out until then. Hubs has been working his magic and getting the old charger to work every so often. Last night we managed to get 37% out of I'm making this weekend recap quick. Luckily there isn't too much to talk about anyway. This video from Saturday morning basically sums up the low-key weekend we had...  
We went out and about Saturday afternoon to scout out some furniture for the new place. The main objective was to find a new couch. I'm all over the place with couch styles, and all over the color wheel too! It's a tough decision because I know whatever we get we'll be stuck with for a long time. I'm trying to go for the comfort factor without sacrificing quality. Do I want to keep it in the beige family, or go into greys? We're also trying to decide between a sofa/loveseat or sectional. I think I'm leaning towards sectional to save some space and get more seating. Also do we want to get it with or without a sleeper? Ohhhh so many decisions to be made!

Baby Girl was a trooper while we dragged her all over furniture stores. She only had one episode at Chik-Fil-A when I took her into the bathroom for a diaper change. I'm pretty sure the whole restaurant thought I was torturing her in there. Just when I thought we were out of the screaming bloody murder phase! I literally ran out of there without putting her shorts back on. She must have exhausted herself...
Sunday was the usual "wake up, plan the weekly meals, and keep it low-key" kind of day. We went down to the pool for a bit, and spent the rest of the day playing. Stephen and I watched the Lego Movie (twice, seriously), which was just so creative and fun - we loved it! 
Our upcoming week will look very similar to this for Ella and I...
{LOVE this Striped Rainbow Romper from The Children's Place!}
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  1. Wyatt always has meltdowns in restaurant never fails! Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Grey is an awesome couch color!! Some sectionals have sleepers too ;)

  3. I love the ladybug you think they have it in my size?!?! Ha! :)

  4. Oh my gosh she is the cutest. My baby fever is already through the roof and reading your posts almost makes it unbearable! I can't believe how fast she is growing!

  5. Ahw what a little cutie pie!! She looks so sweet asleep in her stroller!


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