Tuesday, January 27, 2015

21 Day Fix *Results*

This is the wallpaper that I've been staring at on my phone for the past 3 weeks...
The results are in! It's safe to say that my first round of the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology was a success. I lost 5 lbs, 2 inches off my waist and 1.75 inches off of my hips. I didn't really have a goal "inch-wise" but I was hoping to lose 8 pounds. Regardless of not reaching that particular goal, I'm still very proud of my results. 

Week one was tough. I was sore for the entire week until I had an active rest day with yoga on day 6. By week two I noticed my endurance was a little better and I wasn't in a constant state of soreness. I can't say it was a breeze by week three, but I definitely noticed an increase in my strength. Certain exercises came a little easier to me, I was able to complete more reps and use my heavier weights (8 lbs) in some cases where I previously opted for the lighter ones (5 lbs). I liked how I didn't have to wonder which workout I would do each day, it was already mapped out for me. Three weeks however was enough for me. I started to get a little bored of it towards the end...I'm ready for something different. 

The meal plan was much easier than I initially thought it would be. Somehow I felt a little restricted in the beginning but the more I learned about it, I realized there actually is a lot of freedom. Now I have a much better sense of which types of food to eat, how much and how to spread it out throughout the day. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit (get it), and I definitely believe this to be true. There isn't really anything I feel like I'm lacking. I'm not starving, I don't feel like I'm missing out. Snacking has never really been my thing -although I do when I'm bored and my diet is already spiraling out of control. The key is definitely planning it out and making sure you're working certain healthy foods into the day that you love. I feel confident that I could take it from here for a bit and not have to religiously count containers. We'll see how that goes for a while. I'm going to continue with Shakeology for a bit too. I'm thinking of doing a separate review - spoiler alert - it will be a good one!

I still haven't figured out exactly what my new plan is as far as exercise. I've been eyeballing PiYo, but I'm going to hold off a little longer and do some more research. In the meantime I'll still do my 21 Day Fix workouts, expand my horizons with the multitude of YouTube workouts that are available and utilize my gym on the weekends (the hours of the gym in my complex right now are terrible).

Forget the numbers on the scale! I feel fabulous because I know I'm doing something good for myself. The fact that my clothes fit MUCH better, my energy levels are up and my back no longer hurts me  24/7 is a pretty big bonus! Like I said from the beginning...I wasn't looking for a quick fix (for lack of a better word). I did this to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. I'm pretty motivated to keep at it! Being part of a challenge group truly helped me stay on track especially on those nights when the last thing I wanted to do was hit "play"! Thanks to my coach Leah, my good friends Sherina and Rachel and all of the ladies in the January group for all of the support! Let's see how the next 21 day challenge goes! 
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