Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Baby Girl is talking!!! Okay fine, it's babbling, but we are communicating! It's so fun, I'm in love with all of her little words. It's not just the words she says, it's how she says them and the inflections in her voice. Swoon! Since coming home from New York it's been blowing my mind how much she says now. We can really pick up on certain words. Other words...I'm still trying to figure out! It's been so fascinating, especially because every day it seems like there's such a noticeable difference. Here are a few examples of some favorite "Ella-isms":

MaMa or May-mi = Mommy
DaDa or DaDeeee = Daddy
Ah-Gah or Gah-Guh = Grandma
Bump-Uh = Grandpa
Bup = Up 
Oon = Spoon
Lella = Ella
Kah-Kah = Chica
Guac-Guac or Wock-Wock = I think means "rock rock" when she is rocking on her owl
Geeeeeze = Cheese (literally uses this when taking pics and eating cheese)
Ahh-Da = What's that
Lu-Lu = Ladybug
Og = Frog
Cack Ack = Duck
Ocka = Socks
Ooze = Shoes
Baby = Baby (nailed it)

These past few days I've been looking forward to coming home for a new reason. I just can't wait to hear her voice. She's non-stop! No one told me how fun trying to decipher your kid's words can be. No joke, I'm pretty sure she was trying to tell Stephen "love you" as I was bringing her into her room for bed tonight. Now I know this is a typical "braggy mom post", but I never want to forget the sweetness! She's growing up too fast! Look! She's already practicing for her cooking show! #endbrag
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  1. I LOVE baby talk! Sometimes I have you have no clue what they are saying but you know it is something!

  2. This is too cute! The "Lella" part is actually pretty ironic because one of my sister's dogs is named Eleanor and we call her Ella for short but sometimes I call her Lella. I don't know why, it just came to me one day.

  3. Excellent cooking show setup, Ella. The next Rachael Ray! Tee hee! :)

    Mandie ~


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