Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is anyone cooking around here?!?

Ha! Cooking? Not me! Okay, life has been nuts. I don't mean the usual kind of crazy, I mean truly NUTS! It's "testing season" at work and I've been surviving but that means hardly being home and the hardest part....not seeing my family. This is not my "first rodeo" when it comes to coordinating a school-wide state assessment, but this year was different because of the adjustment of a new job. Oh please don't take this as a complaint because as far as obstacles go, it was smooth sailing to set up for this year. I don't want to jinx anything because there is one day of testing left AND the whole packing-up and boxing part....but it went REALLY well! It's rewarding to see that all of the hard work has paid off, and best of all it's appreciated! I'm not sure anyone has a clue how much goes into getting ready for these things, but for me it's always been a rough spot in my school year. 

My husband has been an ABSOLUTE gem! He's such a good sport because he knows how difficult it is for me to go week by week only catching short glimpses of our little girl. I couldn't love him more than I do! He's been working through lunch in order to leave work and pick her up on time, taking her to visit me at work when I need hugs, and just basically being a single parent ever since I came back from spring break - not ever complaining once. On top of everything, Ella got sick. Poor baby! She's got a nasty cough, but luckily no strep or ear infection! Hubs had to stay home with her a few days this week. LOVE YOU BABE, thanks for taking such great care of our sweet girl (I think he reads this thing)!! XO

Last weekend was a nice break to be with are some of the highlights... Ella, Ella...more Ella...and "Gruncle" John! 
Out to dinner with the family last Saturday night....HIBACHI! Ella was the star of the show when she  let the chef shoot "sake" (it was water) into her mouth. So silly!
Maybe one more week of this craziness, and I think life will start to get more normal! This weekend has been spent catching up on quality time with my loves AND catching up on much needed rest! I'm going through "cooking withdrawal" and I'm going to whip up a BIG batch of my Sunday Sauce today. My dad is coming to visit in a few weeks and I'll need the leftovers for when he is here! 

What else is new? Hmmmm....Baby Girl #2 is moving around like crazy, I think she's a night-owl like her Mamma! It's been 18 weeks, still no "bumpdates", but I'll have to get on that! She's a growing girl, and it's been nice having her keep me company at work with her little flutters and nudges! 
That's about all I can think of! I'm excited to finish out FSA 2016, and crank out the rest of what has been a great year #1 at my new job. The summer is SO close and it is going to be the best one yet!!! Back to my usual "what's cooking" posts real soon! Happy Sunday! :)
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  1. Im sorry that your life has been hectic the past few weeks. Congrats on your second little by the way! Ella will make and AMAZING big sister!


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