Monday, April 25, 2016

What's cooking this week + a recap of our trip!

A little late, but I'm here to share what's cooking! We have been super busy around here! My dad was in town last weekend, and this weekend we went away for a three day trip to Orlando, then St. Pete. It was FABULOUS. Let's get right to it though...
Tuesday: 5-Ingredient Chili
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken with One-Pan Spinach Artichoke Mac 'N' Cheese 
Thursday: Caprese Chicken Panini
Friday: Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Black Beans, Sweet Corn and Sweet Potato & Steak for Hubs

As you can imagine, I'm exhausted (although I'm sure no one feels bad). Can you really complain about being tired after a trip this sweet....
Just to recap...
Saturday: We went to Magic Kingdom and did a TON! Ella rode her first roller coaster with Daddy and we met Ariel too! Afterwards, we went to our hotel for a quick nap (for Ella and Mommy), then Flippers Pizza for dinner. The timing was perfect to head over to Epcot to catch the fireworks. Ella was in her was I just looking at this face!
Sunday: After an early breakfast at Panera, we went over to St. Pete for some beach time at the Dolphin Beach Resort! It was 82 degrees and sunny....the perfect recipe for an incredible beach day! We had a blast, and even caught up with our friends Jen and Will at Bongos Beach Bar and Grille for a yummy dinner and beautiful sunset! After a walk on the beach we were all ready to recharge for round two!

Today: Round two! Breakfast on the beach was delicious, Uncle Will even joined us! More sandcastles, finding shells and swimming. St. Pete is such a beautiful beach, and of course another day of perfect weather didn't hurt either! We had one more yummy beachside meal before heading home. 

What a fabulous trip! Our girl was so good too, she had so much fun, went with the flow, and slept great...such an angel! Not going to lie, it took some convincing to get her to leave the resort today...but do you blame her?! So now we're home, and unwinding from our short and sweet 3 day anniversary getaway. I think I'm about ready for the week. All of that fun in the sun has got this Mamma completely BEAT! After I write out my grocery list, it's bedtime for sure! Goodnight!
Cuddled up this morning on her air mattress....and to think, I was worried she wouldn't sleep on it! She LOVED her "special squishy bed"! Ha! 
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  1. What a great trip! Ella really looks like she's enjoying those fireworks, I love it. :)


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