Sunday, April 10, 2016

What's cooking this week?

I'm back to a normal week...whatever that may be! Obviously there is no "normal" around here, but it will be in the sense that I'm hoping to be home in time to put some food on my table and fill my family's bellies....
Sunday: BBQ - Ribeye for Hubs and sweet chili marinated chicken for me from Fresh Market - salad on the side
Tuesday: Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday: Chicken Sausage and grilled corn
Thursday: Cuban Black Beans & Rice
Friday: Pesto w/ pasta for Hubs, Zucchini Ribbons for me (hopefully my new spiralizer will be here by then)

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the highlight of our weekend has been Ella's new "big girl" bed and her new room! There has been a lot of excitement building up for the last few months since we started telling her it was coming soon! Can you tell she's happy?
Ella has officially been moved to her new room, which used to be the guest room. We painted an accent wall a pretty turquoise/blue/green color - I have no idea how to describe it because it constantly looks different to me. It's Sherwin Williams "Tantalizing Teal"...
The plan was to have her room a little more setup than it currently is, but poor Hubs woke up feeling kinda gross yesterday morning... he even had a fever! Poor guy started to feel a little bit better later in the afternoon and we were able to get her moved in at least to a point where she could spend her first night in there. When she's more settled in (and we have things on the walls), I'll share some more photos. For now, it's just her bed, a dresser, and her pretty pink curtains.

She's psyched and that's all that matters! She woke up from her nap in her crib and we had her help us put the sheets on and set up her new bed. We could hardly contain her, she kept trying to take her dress off to put her "jammas" on! We kept telling her when the sun went to sleep, then so can she! After we tucked our very excited girl into bed, I watched her on the monitor for about a half hour...she rolled around quite a bit but never tried to get up. At one point before I went to sleep I noticed that she flipped upside down, but it didn't seem to phase her...and she woke up right-side up with her head on the pillow. It will take some getting used to I'm sure!

I'm going to try to not get too excited...because with a toddler anything can change from one moment to the next...but she did SO WELL last night! She didn't get up, even this morning she woke up a little bit after 8:00, and just played with her stuffed animals until we went in to get her at about 8:30. Surely, she'll get adventurous and get down from the bed at some point on her own. We'll see how nap time goes that's what I'm concerned about! Stay tuned!

Today we're going to have a pool day with friends, a lazy Sunday....sounds perfect!

That's all for now, ENJOY! 
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  1. Sweet chili chicken...that sounds delish. I may have to put that on the menu for next week.

    I love the color of Ella's room & she does look pretty dang excited. :)


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