Saturday, July 2, 2016

30 Week Bumpdate #BabySkoDos

A little late on this bumpdate, there's been a lot going on around here! I've been running around quite a bit with this big old belly of mine! There's definitely a cantaloupe sized baby in there...and if you tell me she's bigger than the average cantaloupe, I wouldn't be surprised. This week, I'm feeling LARGE!
Changes I've noticed:  I'm slowing down and realizing I'm really not able to do the things I think I can do. I've been noticing this for a while actually, but for some reason this is the week that I had the reality check and realized that I really need to take it a bit easier. I've been taking advantage and sitting whenever possible, and really making more of an effort not to pick Ella up as much as I can. She's getting older and more independent so luckily she's been able to do things like climb up into her booster seat, and get in and out of the tub on her own. She's even been able to climb up into her carseat although sometimes needs a little boost. I've been asking her to "do it like a big girl" a lot more lately, and when someone else is around I've been asking for assistance (although I'm so impatient, this is not easy for me). Sometimes it's unavoidable but I've been feeling lots of stretching and pulling when I pick her up, and I know I really shouldn't be lifting anyway.

How I've been feeling:  Very sore and achey but powering through! I've also been feeling like my belly has gotten very big this week! Maybe it's just how she's positioned but I feel like she's poking out much more than last week!

How I've been sleeping: Our days have been jam-packed! There are no issues falling asleep, but I've been going to sleep late just to wind down a bit from our busy days! This past week I've been able to sleep on my side and wake up in the same position....success!

Food and exercise:  Some strength training here and there, and a bit of yoga is the extent of it. I'm going to count all of the running around and helping my parents with unpacking as a workout though! My goodness, staying on track with nutrition has been tough since my meals weren't planned out this week. We did a lot of winging it, and ended up eating out a bit more than usual because in addition to all of the moving that went brother was in town so there was a little entertaining. This upcoming week will definitely be better because I'll be back on a little bit more of a routine (there's really been no routine this summer), I'll plan out my meals, and since I'm feeling so HUGE I've been more motivated to drink my shakes and load up on healthier fruits and veggies whenever possible!

Maternity clothes:  Nothing new, still rocking the usual shorts and leggings! I've got a romper that is at end of life...but it's been comfortable. I may be able to get another week or two out of it!

Movement:  Baby is still getting her moves on around 7:00, she's been very consistent!

Best moment this past week: Oh my many! My mom is finally here, and my parents have closed and moved into their new house! I thought it was pretty great this morning when we went over to watch Zootopia. Stephen, Ella and I were all snuggled up on their couch, it was exactly how I pictured it would be. Ella was so excited to be there, it was adorable! Looking forward to making many more memories with the girls at Grandma and Grandpa's new house! So happy they are here!
This was at my house last week when my mom finally got to Florida! Three very happy faces! XO
Also, the other night it was fun goofing off in the new house with my brother...just like old times!

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