Friday, July 8, 2016

31 Week Bumpdate #BabySkoDos

See this look on my face....
That's the face I make several times a day now when I come to the realization that this baby is coming SOON! There may still be two months to go (I'm actually closer to 32 weeks as I type this), but it's going to go FAST! That's IF she waits until the actual due date (9/5)...which would surprise me since it seems she wants to bust out of my belly ASAP. Who knows. If she's stubborn like Big Sis, she could very well hang out a while in there. Either way, I'm not ready yet! Although I do look (and feel) like I'm closer to 40 weeks than 30 (especially in this pic)!

I'm ditching the categories on these bumpdates since they are now getting majorly repetitive. This week I've been feeling like I've got energy during the day but crashing hard at night. The Braxton Hicks contractions have been occurring more frequently, and I'm starting up again with the round ligament pains. How much bigger can I get? According to my scale I've only gained 25 pounds which surprises me because I feel so much bigger this time around! My belly button is about to pop. When I lay down on my side it actually does poke out a little bit. Not sure why but that seriously freaks me out! There's this one spot on my right side just below my ribs where she's been jabbing a foot or an elbow (I wish I knew what was what) out so often that I feel like I'm actually bruised! 

Prediction: this girl won't even entertain the idea of a swaddle...just like her sister!

I lied. I was pretty dead set on "no more maternity purchases" BUT Macy's was having a really good sale and no joke - I was in desperate need of new maternity leggings. Two pairs, all regrets.  Two tops also ended up getting in on the purchase. How did that happen? 

I'm getting really anxious to meet this little one. The excitement is building as reality is setting in...soon there's going to be four of us. Somehow, once I reached the 30 week mark - it all started to get real. With the excitement comes many other emotions. I can't even stand the thought of Ella no longer being my one and only. It's normal, I know that once I take a look at Baby _____ my love is just going to multiply and not have to be divided. Even knowing that, it's tough, made harder by the fact that I have only ONE week left of summer vacation! We've had a busy summer and now it's almost time to adjust to a whole different type of craziness for a bit before the REAL crazy comes very shortly after that. Lots of changes and adjustments...this is the stuff real life is made of! Scary. Mostly exciting! Bring it. 

Looking forward to getting a glimpse of the little Miss at my appointment on Monday. Stay tuned for pics, hopefully we can get a good shot of her pretty profile! 
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