Saturday, October 6, 2012

DC 2012

First, let me start off by saying...this was one of the greatest 3 day trips probably EVER!  I was able to do so much, and spend a lot of quality time with a lot of awesome people in such a short time.  I WISH my husby was able to make the trip with me!  It went by in a flash, but had an incredible time.  I got to tour the National Mall (by running it), have a close encounter with the Dog Whisperer, eat at a TON of amazing restaurants, visit Old Town Alexandria...twice, master the metro, experience Wegmans (although it was a total let-down), see what is so great about the Sculpture Garden (and I agree Pete, it rocks), and a lot more!  See for yourself... here is a peek at my trip! :)

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    This. This is exactly why I decided to start blogging. It can be very isolating being home with babies, even if you get out and do stuff each day. It is so nice to read about another woman going through it too!


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