Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!!

No one likes getting into the spirit of the holidays more than me!  I am ALL ABOUT being "Halloweeny" during October, "Thanksgivingy" during November, and "Christmasy" during December.  I'm kicking off this long stretch of the holiday season by sharing with you all an awesome blog that my friend Alicia from WAY back has been working on!  It is called "31 Days of Pumpkin".  She is posting every day throughout the entire month all about pumpkins.  Check it out....CLICK HERE!  Thanks Alicia for sharing all of this "Pumpkiny" goodness!  :)

I also thought I would share one of my favorites....pumpkin beer!  I'm actually enjoying one of these bad boys right now while watching the Yankees game!

Also, here is my "Halloweeny" post from last year...CLICK HERE!  Let's see if I can bring it to another level this year.  It is only the 11th after all AND we are making a trip to Mount Dora on Saturday!  FUN!!!  :)

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  1. yum, pumpkin beer. I'm loving the 31 days of pumpkin, thanks for sharing.


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