Monday, October 15, 2012

What's cooking this (short) week?

You know it was a busy weekend, when I don't post the weekly food plan on Sunday!  I'm a day late, but it is all just gave me some extra time to think about what to make this week.  On my way home from work I stopped by Fresh Market.  After the long day I had, this is just what I relaxes me!  The goodies I bought included pretzel shells (yup...that's a thing), almond butter, and pumkin gelato!   My wonderful husband does not approve of this relaxation technique, so I only sneak off about once a month (usually I don't blog about it afterwards).  Sooooo, back to my weekly plans for this very short week...

Tuesday - Orange Cashew Chicken (from Fresh Market), broccoli, and coleslaw (homemade)
Wednesday - Low-Fat Creamy Mushroom Soup, salad, and steak for the husband
Thursday - Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas 
Friday - Back to Disney for the weekend with the Sergi's

Here are some pics from our weekend.  We went to Mount Dora on Saturday with Bobby and Lisa, and then Animal Kingdom before meeting up with the Sergi's on Sunday.  Can't wait for next weekend, we are going to really get to spend some quality time with Kim, Joe, and the kids!  I hope this week goes fast so we can continue crashing their vacation!!!
The Sko's and Dav's getting into the Halloween spirit!
Lake Dora
Tree of Life
Convertible for the princess :)

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