Wednesday, August 14, 2013

36 Week Bumpdate

"Guess what day it is?!?!  Guess. What. Day. It. IS!"  It's Bump Day!
I just can't even believe it! Excited doesn't even BEGIN to describe how the hubs and I are feeling at this point! We are just SO close!
When I opened up my "What To Expect" app on Saturday morning, I was amazed to find this:
A WATERMELON?!?! That's rough, no wonder I am having difficulty moving around.  When we went to the Farmer's Market this weekend, I was slightly horrified looking around at all of the watermelons. Ouch! I'm at 30 pounds gained so far, which is the same as last week (not sure I mentioned that).  This weekend I noticed that my face looks like it is getting a little rounder.  I was expecting a few more chins by this point, so a round face is fine by me. Of course moving around isn't easy, every time I get up from the couch or my bed I feel like an old lady! My back, my feet, my hips...everything aches. Fun stuff.  Luckily the excitement factor is more than enough to get me through the growing aches and pains from day to day.  

My apetite has still been off, I'm not THAT hungry at night.  During the day I'm starving but there is just little to no time to stop to eat. I have been eating but it's been small things I can eat on the run. I can't tell you how many granola bars I've gone through (it might be easier to measure by boxes), they are just quick and easy. I've been trying to be sure to grab something fast any chance I can, and drink LOTS of water!  

I finally crashed two nights ago. All of the chaos caught up to me and I fell asleep around 7 and slept straight through (no potty wake ups) until 5! I need more nights like that. I knew it was going to be next to impossible to "relax" once this school year got underway.  Honestly it is much worse than I even anticipated but I am hanging in there. Part of me so badly wants to stop working soon.  I can't throw in the towel just yet, I want to save as much time as possible to be with Baby Girl!  

Speaking of "Baby Girl"... she does have a name (Ahhh, can't wait to share it with you all)! Remember the button project I was telling you all about?!  Here is one letter from her name (I did her entire name for the nursery)...
I'm in love with how it came out!  We just bought the letters at Michael's and I hot glued the buttons on there.  Such a fun project too!

On Monday I went to the Doctor...her head is down and she is ready to go! We have officially started with the once-a-week appointments, maybe I will know a little more next week.  Saturday we are taking a "baby basics" class at the hospital.  Should be fun!

Happy "Bump" Day!

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  1. Eeeeeeee I am so excited! Get here, Baby! I want to dress you in cute clothes!

  2. So close! Hope the next few weeks fly by :)

  3. IT IS SO CLOSE! OH MY GOSH. Girl. Next week you will be "full term"!!! AH! I can't wait to see her! And I LOVE the button name :)

  4. Ugh I remember feeling like an old lady by the end of it! It's so hard to move! And I had to get out of bed like ever couple of hours to pee and it was next to impossible!! It'll be over soon! :)

  5. My baby fever shall run vicariously through you!

    Oh my gosh I am so freaking excited, is that weird?

    That button name is AHHHdorable! Cannot wait to hear her name:):)

    p.s. you still have the cutest bump I have ever seen!

  6. Love the bump date and the letter-- her name is going to look SO cute!!

  7. That letter is so cute!!! I did one too but all grey. LOVE your colors. Can't wait to hear her name and you look awesome. Nice work carrying that watermelon around mama!

  8. You look great! And that letter you made is adorable :)

  9. oh my goodness, a watermelon! That button letter is sooo cute, love baby things


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