Friday, August 30, 2013

Late Night Hi-Fives {& A Baby Update}

Maybe it isn't THAT late, but usually I have these Friday posts ready to go at 6 AM! Things are a little different around here.  Noooooo, Baby Girl isn't here yet...but family has started to gather!!! Not only are my parents and brother in town, but my cousin Jen came up last night to surprise us. Tomorrow, the rest of the crew will be joining us (Aunt, Uncle, cousin Kristen, Mickhael). This certainly is an event. Everyone will be settling into a pretty sweet vacation rental house about 5 minutes from here...we were hooked up by Mal's Dad! SO AWESOME...they will be living in luxury while they wait for the Little Lady to arrive! So I'm a little thrown off with all of the excitement, and chaos happening around here.  I figured "better late than never" on my weekly recap! 
1. Don't you think this very special occasion calls for a very special ad deal?!?  Me too! Click HERE!
2.  Baby Girl has such a sweet (not so) little wardrobe. It's never been so fun to do laundry!
3. My work shower last week was great! We were spoiled with so many wonderful goodies, thanks to my wonderful IMS family! 
4. After pulling an all-nighter and booking it down here...Brother was SHOT!  Do you blame him?
5. My cousin and I went for pedicures this afternoon.  Mine was MUCH needed...NOW I can give birth with my pretty light pink toes. 

Back to the waiting game.  I'm feeling some very dull cramping. The only contractions that I have been able to time are extremely sporadic and I've never had more than three in a row.  My body is definitely gearing up for labor, the question is whether or not it will happen before Tuesday's induction.  If I'm a little quiet around here, it doesn't mean I'm in labor.  You will KNOW when it's baby time as long as you are following on Instagram and Twitter! Can't wait! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Such an exciting time! Wishing you wonderful blessing and a smooth delivery!!! :) I was induced with both of my children - seems like YESTERDAY! Time goes too fast! ha!

  2. Yay! I'm glad Tim could help out! Enjoy having your family there and I can't wait for the "official" text!

  3. oh, how sweet and nice! yea for it all. cannot wait till she gets here. i am sure you are ready too!

  4. I can't wait for game time! Hugs and belly rubs! XOXO


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