Friday, August 9, 2013 know the deal!

The main reason I love doing these weekly recaps every Friday is because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the week in a positive way. This isn't to say that I am normally a negative person, but when you are overwhelmed it is easy to forget the little things that make you smile!  I also love that it gives me an excuse (as if I actually need one) to make sure I'm documenting all of my favorite moments. This week has been exhausting, kicking off a new school year sure is stressful for everyone! The first day of school went as well as it possibly could have. It's wonderful to have the students back, and I'm looking forward to settling things in the scheduling department so I could actually start trying to get into Guidance Counselor mode!  I'm anxious to begin the process of getting to know my almost 500 students!
Let's check out some of the highlights...
1.  Last Monday Chelsea and I introduced our new weekly link-up!  Kitchenspiration is all about ANYTHING that inspires you in the kitchen (recipes, meal plans, kitchen essentials - you name it).  Make sure you join us on Monday!
2.  My not so little bump looked pretty cute in my first day of school outfit, I've got to admit!
3.  A little pampering on a school night is JUST what we needed!  
4.  Baby Girl's first pair of Toms are just way too cute, I can't even take it!  I think this Mommy needs a matching pair!
5.  Through the weekend...make sure you get your 30% off of all ad spots with the promo code "BACK2SCHOOL"!!!  
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Have the BEST weekend!

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  1. Those cute little bootie shoes... oh my!! Love them! Have a great weekend! :)


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