Thursday, August 29, 2013

#BabySkoblickiWatch {A False Alarm}

Yesterday was my last day at work for the next 2 months. I'm so grateful to be home resting because my cold has evolved into this horrible hacking cough. Right now it feels like the "calm before the storm". Can we talk about how happy I am that my parents and brother are almost here!?! They left NY last night around 7 PM, and drove through the night. Right now they are probably crossing the state line into Florida. I'm so happy that they will be here for Baby Girl's arrival - I could cry (again)!!!

So let me update you real quick on yesterday's wacky events!  Like I said, it was my last day at work and of course I just had to make a semi-dramatic exit. It was a great and productive half day with the students! I actually felt pretty good too, the pelvic pressure didn't kick in until after the kids went home! We were all joking all day long about me going into labor in order to avoid going to a Social Studies meeting after the kids left for the day.  Well I didn't go into labor, but I had been trying to contact my Doc to ask him if something was normal (sparing the icky details). Let's put it this's one of those things that are considered normal- but I was going on day #3 and just wanted to call for some reassurance.  About 45 minutes before the end of the day I finally got through to him, and he told me to go straight to "Labor and Delivery" JUST to be sure things were okay.  I KNEW it was probably fine but obviously had to go through the process.  

So I called Stephen to tell him that Sherina was going to drive me to his job, and that we then had to go to the hospital. He didn't seem concerned at fact he casually asked me if I remembered to take my Grandmother's palm tree out of my car and put it in my office.  It was all very anticlimactic. Sherina and I have replayed every possible dramatic scenario in our heads over the past few months, and this was not one of those scenarios at all. 

When I called my mom (who was only a few hours from getting on the road), all it did was create unnecessary panic. My brother was ready to hop in the car at that moment and "haul ass" down here! My dad was scrambling to get out of work slightly earlier (to no avail)...what a mess.  This whole time I was not scared at all, I just felt that Baby Girl wasn't ready.

When we arrived at the hospital they brought me up to Labor and Delivery immediately. At the class we went to a few weeks ago, the nurse told us that they are all afraid of pregnant women in the ER ever since someone gave birth a few years ago in the waiting room.  I felt bad for the woman behind me who had to wait for me...she was in actual labor - and I was sitting there cracking jokes to the transporter as I sat there in a wheelchair waiting for Hubs to park the car and get inside. 

They checked me and I had not dilated any more than the 2 (almost 3) centimeters since Monday.  They hooked me up the the fetal monitor and after an hour on my back, the nurse came in and asked me to turn on my right side.  She didn't really say why.  Then about 45 minutes later she said that the midwife was there, and noticed a couple of strange dips in the babies movement and heart rate.  Just to be sure that everything was okay they ordered an ultrasound.  In the meantime while we waited for my turn (there were 3 people ahead of me), she had me flip to my left side and monitored me for another hour or so.  When they came in to bring me downstairs for the ultrasound she said that everything looked GREAT, and that Baby was very happy.  Since the ultrasound was already ordered, we were going to do it anyway.  

Another hour and a Biophysical Scan later...all is BEAUTIFUL (the Doc's words). We left the hospital, I called my family who had just finally gotten on the road to tell them they could relax.  Everything was fine, Baby Girl was safe, and would be waiting for Grams, Gramps, and Uncle Peter to get down here after all...yippeeeee!  What a crazy day, but obviously I'm glad we took the proper precautions and got checked out anyway. 
So now I am home resting, and waiting for the crew to arrive.  Then we all will wait....and wait some more!  It's going to be amazing! I hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday!    
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  1. So glad everything is OK!!! The waiting game is hard... But OHMYGOODNESSI'MSOEXCITEDFORYOU!

  2. That is great to hear everyting is what its supposed to be! Good luck, Mama!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. That was the ne thing that drve me crazy during my pregnancy my 3 false alarms.

  4. Every time I see a post or get an email I freak out and think you have magical had the peanut! Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend and tie up any loss ends before SHOWTIME!!!

  5. I'm so glad everything is great!! My prayers are with you and I'm impatiently waiting! XOXO


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