Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Curing #NOtivation - Inspiration

This week I'm talking about what inspires me to kick #NOtivation's butt!  It's difficult impossible to choose just one source of inspiration, so I'll name a few.
I'm inspired daily by my friends and family.  Their constant encouragement when I really started dropping the pounds three years ago, kept me motivated and let me know it was all worth the effort.  My close friends and I are on the same mission for a healthier lifestyle.  I love that we push each other to keep at it!  It could be something as simple as a "like" on a sweaty selfie, or a runkeeper update!
There is a new little lady that will be making her arrival in about 7 weeks that has been one of my greatest sources of inspiration these days!
I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a Mother; the things I want to teach her, the values I want to instill in her, and the role model that I want to be.  Of course I want to continue living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself so I can be here for Baby Girl for a LONGGGG time.  I'd also like to be sure I am setting a good example for her so she can learn the importance of being healthy (vs. being skinny) and taking pride in herself!  I'm talking WAY deeper than toned abs here...although that would be a nice bonus!  
Speaking of a toned and fit bod (which I obviously would like to get back in the near future)...I do it for my husband!  He is super understanding of all the lower calorie meals I often make (and VERY appreciative when I make him his very own steak)!  It doesn't phase him at all when I hop up in the middle of the movie to do squats or calf raises against the wall.  When I officially made the decision to get healthy, he was definitely my biggest fan.  The fact that he was so supportive and encouraging when I started that journey...only strengthened my love for him even more!
In a sense I also inspire myself.  Does that sound weird?  To me, there is nothing more inspirational than seeing yourself make progress, having more energy, being happy with the way your clothes fit, and just feeling more comfortable in your own skin.  If I ever need an extra inspirational boost, I hit the pinterest boards for a bit.  Eventually you come across something like this, and then it is time to get moving...   
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  1. nice post! it helped me out today too!

  2. I love how you combine health and fitness as something you not only want to do for yourself, but for your posterity as well. Wonderful teaching example.
    Our Fairy Tale

  3. Sometimes pinterest acts as the worst motivator ever, though. :p Overload of too much pretty stuff! ;)

  4. Inspiring yourself- I love it. That's key in making this change a lifestyle and not just a temporary habit. I am also excited to document and look back on my own progress. It helps a lot when I'm having a lazy day.

  5. It's actually right to make yourself inspiring for yourself first , these words are true girl :)
    Thanks for linking up with Wild card Wed , I'm connecting back .
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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