Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My First Cara Box Reveal

Finally!  I participated in my first Cara Box Exchange (hosted by Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals).  Receiving presents in the mail, is the most fun...don't you think?!?  This month the theme was "take me to the fair", and let me tell you it was not an easy one.  At all!  I guess I don't have any basis for comparison...but I think I picked a tricky month to participate.  Regardless, it was a very fun experience, and I met some lovely ladies throughout the process!
My June Cara Box from Jennifer arrived while I was in New York, so naturally when I received it I tore it open immediately!  Check out all of this cute stuff...
Jennifer e-mailed me to warn me about the random contents of the box that was on its way.  I don't know what she was talking about though, I think it was all perfectly fitting!  My absolute favorite item was the hot dog slicer!  As soon as I spotted it, I screamed "how did she know"?!?  Not too long ago, a friend on Instagram posted one of these, I took a screenshot, sent it to the hubs...and he immediately responded "No".  Maybe I didn't "need" one of these, but I definitely wanted one!  Now, it is all was meant to be!  Ha!  Needless to say, I am psyched about this!  Baby Girl will be rocking that corn dog onesie, and I'm sure she will enjoy her book.  The watermelon napkins, and taffy are perfect because I have been slightly watermelon obsessed this summer.  My hot pink nails are chipping, and I will be using my "lemonade" polish next.  The cotton candy was also perfect (and delicious).  Jennifer wrote me the sweetest note wishing me luck as I journey into motherhood!

I was very excited to be paired with this mamma of two adorable little boys!  Thanks again for all of this fun stuff!  XO

If you head over to You Gotta Have Hart, you can see the box that I put together for my partner Jamie (and her cute puppy Levi)!


  1. Awwww!! I love it! Too stinkin' cute! I got some funnel cake mix for my partner and cannot believe I didn't think of the cotton candy! I can't wait to see the babes in the onesie!

  2. What a great box! I love CARA boxes!

  3. I am IN LOVE with that onesie.

  4. That looks like a great box! I love the onesie too. I feel I should end up participated in one of these exchanges soon.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the box! I must warn you that you received my very first felt onesie...I can't promise how well it will hold up! :)

  6. I still have not signed up for one of these fun monthly boxes! I see them all over! That one looks so cute!

  7. Aww this theme would have been a lot easier if I was buying for someone with a kiddo- what fun stuff!


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