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La'Shawn @ March to December {Guest Post}

Hello! I am La'Shawn from March to December. I blog about being a third shift working, curvy, wife & mom. I will be 30 in about a month & a half. Married to my college sweet heart & we are parents to one spunky nearly 6 year old boy. 
One of the things I know best is how to balance working 3rd shift (nights) while still being wife & mom. 
A part of doing that is doing what I call, "flipping my schedule". 
I have no desire to live on a 3rd shift schedule on the weekend. I do not want to sleep during the day while the world (my guys!) are awake and living around me. So, it took quite a few years to get a good scheduled down. However, I got it. 
I think this would work for any person that can get by with 4-5 hours asleep. Most people can. 
(I am not a dr! In fact working 3rd shift isn't healthy. I am only sharing how I flip my scheduled from 3rd to 1st)
I get home between 06:30 & 07:00. I am asleep by 08:00. Up by 11:00 - 12:00. Depending what I am doing that day.  Then it is running around until the hubby comes home. Then I pass out until the morning. 
I get home the same time. Stay awake. Run around like mad until around 2pm and then nap from then until 6pm. When the hubby gets off work. Then I have the whole night with them. 
It all depends on what I have going on that day. However, flipping my scheduled is a must! This is a first shift world. 
There are big key points to also help stay awake and flipping your scheduled. 
- work out during the week & eat healthy. You will be less tired on your flip day.  

- don't over-do the caffeine on your flip day. You will crash hard & possibly earlier than you want.

- Get outside if you can! You spent too much time without sun anyway. It actually does things to your body and mind when you go without sun. So get some on the weekend. Especially on your flip day.
drink a lot of water. Being hydrated really helps in every day. However, it helps you not eat junk. Which keeps you from getting that junk food tired. 
- have a reason to do it! Be goal, fun activity, or people!
- and stick too it! A pattern will make it less of a shock each time. 
So there you go. 7 years of working 3rd shift had taught me all of this. Again, this is just what has worked for me. I am no expert or doctor. Just know how to make it work on 3rd shift being a wife & mom. Going 1st on weekends is where it is for me! 
Have a great day...or night. Depending on when you are awake. ;-) 

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