Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home Town Hop {The Golf Cart Edition}

Today, I'm linking up with Wannabe Green & From Here To There for the Home Town Hop!
The fact that I am just now getting around to participating in this just boggles my mind.    
It would probably be best if I start by sharing my current home town with you all.  I could probably write a book about this not so little town I ended up in!  Stephen and I moved down to Florida, found jobs...and stumbled upon this place when apartment hunting.  Not only was it perfect because it was equidistant from both of our jobs, EVERYTHING is here!
The Villages, Florida is an interesting town to say the least!
There are a number of things that make this place unique.  I am going to start with the most obvious...the golf carts!
I took this photo when I parked in front of Target!
I know what you're all probably thinking..."typical Florida, retirement community where the residents ride around on golf carts"....right?  Wrong!  This is not a small community.  It is a CITY!  I still can not wrap my mind around how big this place is.  It has grown so much in the four years since we have lived here...and is growing by the second.  
Some facts about The Villages:
-Population of The Villages is currently 87,000 and expected to grow to 112,000
-Covers 32 square miles
-There are over 50,000 golf carts
-Approx. 90 miles of golf cart paths

It's one of those things that you need to see for yourself.  We still find ourselves amazed that we even live here.  In actuality, we live JUST outside of The Villages (obviously we are not retired).  Everything we do is here though!  We are minutes away from a bunch of retail stores, and restaurants.  

The residents drive around primarily on their golf carts.  Since there are tons of shops, and restaurants - anywhere I go, I have to share the roads and parking spots with the carts  (it's a little funny to me).
This photo is from my trip to the grocery store yesterday
It's not surprising to see a golf cart ahead of you at the ATM, and also when going through drive thrus.
We often rent carts for the day since we do not have our own
Depending on the speed limit, there are separate roads for golf carts - there are tunnels and bridges too!
Driving through one of the town pretty!
The carts are decorated for EVERY holiday....not just Christmas!
I love looking at the old fashioned carts...too cute!
Cruising with my feet up
Leading the way, showing the family around!
The Villages are truly amazing!  We see something new every time we go out and about.  Lucky for us, when family comes to visit...there is plenty to see and do.  It is random how we ended up living here, but we sure do love it!


  1. Wow Florida sounds like such a beautiful place to live in! :) Much love.

  2. Holy cow I want to live there with the old folks and putt around on my own pimped out golf cart. Plus the fact that you guys are there is a plus...xoxo

    p.s. add your link to the linky tools on my blog :)

  3. This makes me so happy! I love The Villages!

  4. Now everything makes a little bit more sense. Rich's best man speech at your wedding was a bit confusing until now! Can't wait til we can visit!

  5. Wow, that's so interesting! I had no idea that people actually used golf carts as forms of transportation, at least not in that large of quantity! Thanks for linking up, this was so fun to read about! If I'm ever in the area, I'll insist on a golf cart tour! :)

  6. I love the golf carts!! Such a neat way to cruise around town! Love it!!


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