Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Red has a Boo-Boo

Last night while running "Klondike Bluffs" there was a run in with Big Red and a boulder...the boulder won. Nothing too worries!! Just some body damage...which you sorta have to expect after messing around the way we have on the trails for 4 days!! He was maneuvering around this big rock in a narrow dried up creek bed...I was out taking videos... Which didn't come out so good so not sure if I'll post it. Anyway he ended up getting stuck so Mark had to strap him up and yank him off these smaller rocks which is when Big Reds tushie (ha) scraped against the boulder! Yikes!!!!

It looks worse than it is since it's covered with dirt and dust! I took care of her boo-boo! Stephen is bummed but he knows it could have been much worse... And you have to be prepared for this stuff! Anyway we finished out the trail it was beautiful of course.... I have a video I'll post when we get to our next destination! We are leaving in like 10-15 minutes... Need to stop at a few shops first and eat some breakfast, but then on to our next stop....Arizona here we come!!!!! More posts to follow....
Bye, bye from Canyonlands Campground... Moab, Utah!!!
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  1. So sorry about the scrape :( :( :(
    Considering what you have been through it's pretty amazing that that has really been all the damage done the past few days! Still, it hurts :(
    Have a safe trip to AZ & have a "grand" time at the canyon!
    Love you both.
    Love, Mom Sko

  2. That'll buff right out :) Aaron has had a few run ins with his truck that came out looking like that and they really weren't that bad after we cleaned it all off and pulled out the body some. Have a safe trip to Williams - we will see you guys this evening...yay!!

  3. Ouch! That looked like it hurt. Poor Big Red. I'm sure Natalie is right tho and it will buff out. Stephen I know you will treat her with tender loving care when you get home! Safe trip today, talk to you soon. Love, Mom Sco


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