Monday, May 18, 2009

Fins 'N' Things

Your all probably thinking.... Fins 'N' What?!?! This is the name of the trail we are "running" in about 20 minutes. It is almost 9:00 and we are all ready to meet up with the gang at the Piggly Wiggly.... I mean City Market.
Here is Stephen eating a well balanced breakfast...(gotta love that look)

Still can't get over the views.... This is across from the city market...

And here is the guy running things at GONE... (Gathering Of Nissan Enthusiasts)....

Don't mind the bus in the background. Anyway I'll be back later from the trail!! Right now we are convoy-ing (ha) there with about 15 other truck we can see.
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  1. Hope you are having fun. Cannot wait to hear all about it. Love, Mom

  2. and i'm stuck at work *sigh*

    Have fun for me since I can't haha :)


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