Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 3 Begins

Last night was so much fun! We ended up stopping for dinner at a "Buffalo Wild Wings". Here are some pics...

From left to right, this is Emily, Bobby and Dave... our travel buddies. They are so much fun and all so nice! Last night we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and shared a room with Dave who claimed "I don't know if I snore"! Well guess what... It was all lies because not only does Dave snore but he whistles too! I know he will probably make fun of me for blogging about this but it needed to be said! Kinda crazy to know this about someone I have known for 2 days! LOL... Regardless, we are having a "blasty-blast"!
There were CrAzY storms last night!!

The alleged tornadoes that touched down were behind us in Illinois but let's just say, it's a good thing we made such great timing or I'd be clicking my heels saying "there's no place like home"!
Speaking of Kansas, we will probably get there in about an hour or so! We got an early start. The plan was to be "milling about" by the trucks at 7:00 AM.... Here we are "milling"...

And here is the front view...

Too bad my "photoshopping" skills aren't advanced enough because then I could get rid of the pole blocking Big-Red, so just pretend it's not there please!
Anyway we are leaving Missouri with an important lesson learned:
--> The goo next to the sausage and biscuits is NOT oatmeal! It is "some kind of funky breakfast gravy" (Stephen's quote)!
You will be hearing from me later when we "tap the Rockies"!!
Click "here" for our whereabouts!
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  1. B-Dubs, one of my favorite places! Good choice :) I'm glad you guys made such good timing as well - I was a little worried about the weather when I saw it on the TV. 7 A.M..I hope you are more of a morning person than me lol.

    By the way.."blasty blast"..are you a Dane Cook fan??!


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