Monday, May 25, 2009

Our hike

Whoa! I was in for a shock of a lifetime! Cousin Peter is obviously trying to kill me in order to win favoritism from Golden Grams once and for all! Holy uphill!!! Words can't describe!!! Here is a pic of the view from the top...

Gotta go... It's relaxation time in Cousin Peters saltwater oasis

--> Stephanie
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  1. Whoa!!!! Gorgeous home!! Quite a difference from the tent & camping experience. Say hi for me, too.
    You certainly will sleep well tonight after that hike. Have Fun.
    Love, Mom Sko

  2. All I can say is how very jealous I am.

  3. Wow it all looks wonderful. Enjoy!!!

  4. Hey Steph,
    that's a pretty nice house ya got there, i wish i were you!


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