Friday, May 15, 2009

I Drove

I just drove through quite a bit through the state of Ohio... Stephen took this pic...

We downloaded this "app" on my phone where it shows a map for where you are when each picture is taken. I thought it was kinda cool!
Anyway after about 3 hours I had enough so now Stephen will finish out the rest. We are actually going to try to get a little past St. Louis to avoid traffic in the morning... Right now the GPS is showing an arrival time of 8 ish which I guess doesn't account for the time zone we are thinking around 7 we will be around St. Louis and then maybe drive another hour past and look for a place to stay and get some dinner! The other guys we are with programed their GPS's for Colorado and it says we would arrive around 9 tomorrow morning which is just nuts!! There is nooooo way we would drive straight through like that!
Last night was funny... For dinner we put an order in to pick up at an Applebees like 4 miles up the road... When we got in the car and plugged it into the GPS we realized there was a "Moe's Southwest Grill" even closer (one of my favorites)!! So we called Applebees to cancel our order, Haha!! Moe's was DELICIOUS!!!!!! We even got to watch "Parks and Recreation" and " The Office"...,, good times! Anyway we still have a while to go, I think I'm going to do some digital scrapbooking!!

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  1. That's a cool app! Now I want an iphone haha. Sounds like and looks like you guys are making really good time from that SPOT software one of the guys has. Hope you have a good dinner and good nights rest :) By the know he loves you when he lets you drive his truck!

  2. Hey Stephanie!
    Pete showed me the note you left on your fridge to your mom, very funny! I wanted to tell you that on Wednesday Pete and I were sitting in the grass @ Suffolk and a ladybug was crawling on my leg. I put it back in the grass... next to another ladybug! AND today I was at Target and in the parking lot was a red car with black dots on it and the license plate said ladybug (I have a picture on my phone of it). Sounds like you're having fun :)


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