Friday, May 15, 2009

In Illinois

Just stopped to get gas.... We are about an hour and 40 minutes outside of St. Louis. At this point we have decided we will stop there for some dinner but then we will continue for another hour or two (I'm hoping one) before stopping for the night. Here are some pics that I have uploaded from Stephen's camera...this is "Big Red" before we left or BH-A...(before the "hawk-attack")

When we were driving through Pennsylvania, the fog was soooo bad you couldn't see a thing...

But then when we got on top of a mountain we were above it all and the view was insane... It looked like we were on top of the clouds!

Kinda crazy, huh? So we are back on the road, officially in the central time zone... Steering clear of anything with feathers!!! I have the window down listening to the sporadic radio stations of the great state of Illinois, and munching on some twizzlers. THIS is the life!
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