Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love this trail!

So far this trail is way better than yesterdays! It is amazing how different it is... both the scenery and the terrain! The obstacles have been more fun than challenging! And we have made a few pit stops for all the scenic attractions! First we stopped at the edge of this canyon.... No worries I didn't get too close! Here are some pics...

This guy is NUTS... He drove his truck to the edge just to get this awesome shot! I'll show you a better pic later but for now all I have is this one I took with my cell...

Here is our photographer...Pat...he is awesome...

And this is where we stopped last...Uranium Arch...

--> Stephanie
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  1. Glad you are having fun and that you like this trail better than yesterdays. I left your friend Natalie a message after your peer pressure pics. I had to LOL at what she said. Anyway be careful and I will talk to you guys later. Love, Mom

  2. I hate work so much right now lol. Awesome scenery pics Steph! I love wheeling but I am not a fan of heights so I don't know if I would have driven up there like that one guy or not. The things we do for pictures hahah. You two are so cute :)

    And to your mom, I replied to your comment, glad I could make you laugh! :)


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