Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kansas SUCKS!

Well driving through on I-70 does! (**if anyone from KS is reading this...I'm sure it is a lovely place to grow up and raise a family) But, from my view it's just a whole bunch of flat nothingness.... Get me outta this state!!! Stephen says I'm gettin loopy!!! Wouldn't you be too if this is what you were staring at for the past 7 hours?

Although the sky looks kinda cool in that pic DO NOT be fooled! CO will be a nice, well deserved switch! So obviously I have been trying to keep occupied so as to prevent myself from complete boredom!! Besides bashing Kansas... I have downloaded some photography apps on my phone and I have been playing around with these awesome filters! Here is some of my work...

I'll post more later! The only subject matter I have right now is Stephen and I, so bear with me! (Trust me this isn't exactly the scenic route)
I'm going to end this post with saying.... We are officially in the Mountain Time Zone... Now bring on CO!!!!!
**Posting from my iPhone**
Yayyyyy we just crossed into CO since it took me forever to send this post!

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  1. Yay Colorado! I know you are excited for the scenic change :) I am jealous of your iphone! I love the pic of you, so pretty! :)

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    I know I'm a bit late to see this but I just happened to be lookin around and saw it.
    U crack me up! I can probably assume Kansas is really boring, but what can I say, most states are! I got to go and see more, but I'll ttyl Steph!
    Love Kristen <3
    p.s. Your mom is better than cable when it comes to driving on busy streets, ESPECIALLY IN THE RAIN! LOL


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