Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cool pix

Here are two of my favorite pictures from this morning! There is this guy Pat who is a professional photographer with us... and he took these pics trying to get the reflection of the mountains in our sunglasses. They came out nice but because I can never leave well enough alone and I have some time on my hands I decided to play with them a little.... Ok a lot...

Pat also took this one...

Here are a few more that Stephen and I took on our morning walk....

I'll post more later... I can't put too many pics in one post.
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--> Stephanie
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  1. I went to school with him (Pat). He's a cool kid and has really gotten a good eye for photos over the last year. LOVE the jealous :(

  2. Hi this is Mom,
    I hope I am doing this right. I just saw your latest posts. You guys are really on an adventure and everything really looks so pretty! I miss you guys!!! Stephanie I will talk to you later - Maybe you can call me before you go on your meet and greet. I hope you were able to set up your campsite nice and cozy! Talk to you soon, Love, Mom


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