Friday, May 15, 2009


Just minutes before exiting West Virginia we had our first Nissan-related casuality.... A bird hit Stephen's grille! Wait.... Let me re-phrase.... A giant bird hit the grille.... One more time... A giant bird carrying a chipmunk hit the grille!!! Don't worry I took the picture AFTER my man removed the chipmunk that was lodged into the grille wearing gloves of course!! But his poor chrome Nissan emblem is gone!! How inconvenient right!?! Anyway we are now in Ohio ordering Subway.... 5 dolla footlongsssss (in my singing voice)!

Click "here" to see location!
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  1. Only you would have that happen. I won't tell Joseph that Stephen is a hawk killer :P

  2. ha, thats funny, and unusual at the same time!
    i wish i were there to have seen that happen!
    but my question is,(stupid)was either animal still alive?
    ya i no, it has to the dumbest question anyone could ever ask but, i just got home 5 hours ago from more work than i have ever done in one day, and i'm still a bit in the stupid, confused, not thinking about what would have probably happened fase.
    love kristen<33333


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