Saturday, May 16, 2009

In Kansas

Yup.... Kansas already! Just stopped for "fuel" as the Nisaan boys call it! Maybe they don't wanna say "I need gas"? I don't know... but anywho.... It is beautiful out but kinda windy and chilly! The thermometer says it's 56.... Yikes!!! So Stephen is a little bummed his poor truck is taking quite the beating! First there was the "Attack of the giant chipmunk eating hawk" incident where his emblem went AWOL! Now his CB antenae snapped!! My poor baby!

But it's not the worst thing that can happen so we need to put on a happy face! The good news is that Stephen's friend Natalie who we are hoping to meet up with at the Grand Canyon has already ordered him a new emblem!!! How awesome is she?!?! He is happy about that.... And a happy Stephen is a happy Stephanie! We are right outside of Topeka, Kansas... We just emptied our bladders and got back on the road for more driving! Be back in a bit!
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  1. You guys are making awesome time. I'm sorry to hear about the did that happen? :( Grand Canyon..WOOHOO!!


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