Saturday, May 16, 2009

My first trip to Sonic

We are still in Kansas but not for too much longer. We have about another hour left and then we will be in Colorado and begin the climb up the Rockies! A while back we stopped for "fuel" at this gas station in the middle of NOWHERE!! I had to take pics it was just too funny...

We also passed a wind farm...

And my favorite.... We stopped at Sonic!!!

Very yummy! Look how psyched we are!!! All this time of being taunted with Sonic commercials but NO SONIC anywhere near NY! Anyway it was worth the trip to Kansas... I can go home satisfied!

I have been working on some digi-scrapping and here is my first creation for this trip (many more to come)!

That's the pic from when we were on the mountain looking down at the fog! I think I'm going to nap so I can be wide awake for Colorado!!
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  1. Sonic is SOOO good! Now I want Colorado is going to be beautiful!


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