Saturday, May 23, 2009

So much for my sundresses... is chilly! My Mom says it is going to be warmer in NY than it will be here in Arizona! Today there is a high of 60 and thundershowers in the afternoon...yikes! I packed all these cute sundresses and a denim skirt I have yet to wear most of it! Fingers crossed for good weather in California! Anyway we are going to get some breakfast with Natalie and Aaron and decide how we want to go about todays plans. Not how I imagined AZ....bring on the cacti and scorching sun's what I am here for!

--> Stephanie
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  1. I'm sure the weather will change when you get to sunny California - something tells me you may than complain about the heat - LOL! Cannot wait for more pics - Love, Mom Sco

  2. lol I swear Arizona is warm and sunny..just not when you guys are here apparently! lol

    Stupid rain..and stupid clouds! I am really glad it finally cleared up for a few hours at the Canyon.


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