Wednesday, May 8, 2013

22 Week Bumpdate

I wish I could say "WOW, Baby Girl is the size of a papaya"...but I honestly have no idea how big a papaya is....from the look of things though, it must be pretty big!

Changes I've noticed:  I've gained 15 lbs. and it is REALLY starting to show!  I'm just feeling BIG!  I have quite a few stretch marks on my far none on my tummy.  I've been rubbing myself down with cocoa butter like it's my job!  In fact, I'm on my way to owning the entire Palmer's collection...cream, lotion, butter, oil...I've got them all!  My stomach is getting itchy from the stretching, I must not being using enough lotion somehow!

How I've been feeling:  Lately, I've been feeling very sore and achey.  It seems like if I'm sitting too long, my back starts to hurt and I have to stand up.  Then if I'm walking or standing for too long, my feet are killing me and I have to sit down.  Seems like laying down is the way to go...unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow for much of that at all!

How I've been sleeping:  No charlie horses this past week (I hope I didn't jinx myself)!  I've been sleeping great actually, enjoying it while it lasts!  

Food and exercise:  Since we've had company...I've been a disaster in both of these departments!  We have been eating out a ton, and obviously I haven't had a chance to fit in any exercise (unless walking around and shopping counts).  It's also staff appreciation week at work, and we all show our appreciation through food!!!  

Maternity clothes:  I've still been good...didn't buy anything this past week!

Movement:  Hubby felt her move on Saturday night, it was AmAzInG!!!!!!  We have been trying so hard for him to catch it when it happens....and finally had success, so exciting!  

Best moment this past week:  With my parents here visiting since Friday night, there have been a BUNCH of incredible moments...can't narrow it down to just one so I'll list a few favorites:
-Stephen feeling baby moving (obviously)!
-Mom and Dad seeing my belly for the first time in person!
-Buying all sorts of goodies for our little princess because Mom and I can't control ourselves when we are together (I'll have to do another post with our baby buys)!
-Ordered our nursery LOVE with it!
-Mom talking to baby...priceless!
She is saying "Hellooooo....this is Grandma!!!!"
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Every week I read this and wish I was prego again! You look great and I'm so glad that you had your parents down this weekend!

  2. how precious! you are too cute! i remember one of my friends went to the grocery store and took a picture of all the fruits/veggies that represented the size of her growing baby, it was too cute! congrats again! your mom talking to baby is lovely.

  3. How cute! :) that's so exciting your husband got to feel her! I bet the nursery furniture is precious :)

  4. How cute are you?! Love the bump--soooo excited for you!

  5. Ha your mom's picture is hilarious!!!

  6. How cute is your mom!! She's a good momma :) I just KNOW you are going to be a good momma too :)

  7. sweet. You are adorable pregnant.


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