Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Get So Emotional Baby!

Sorry, now I have the song in my head too!
If you have been reading my "bumpdates", you know that my emotions have been running high!  No joke, it's been out of control.
Likely I wouldn't handle this well either...
I can't remember the last day that I didn't cry!  I cry over commercials, I cry when I see little girls, I cry when I see moms, I cry about missing family, I cry about work related things, and then there are the silly/most ridiculous things that seem to make me laugh AND cry at the same time.  Let's talk about some of these fine moments...

During the first trimester, I guess when my hormone levels initially started going haywire there was the tea incident.  I started to make a cup of tea, completely forgot about it, and then brushed my teeth.  When Stephen reminded me about the cup of tea on the counter, I immediately broke down, saying that I really wanted the tea...but brushed my teeth and didn't want to have to brush them again.  Quite the dilemma!

Not too long after that, I made the mistake of watching "The Odd Life of Timothy Green".  Spoiler the end of the movie I just sat there in shock, hysterically screaming "Is he dead?!!?  Is he dead?!?!"  

A few weeks back, I think I mentioned the snack episode!  It all went down like this...
Me:  "Babe, do you have any money?"
Hubby:  "Why?"
Me:  "I discovered a new vending machine at work" 
The INSTANT the words "vending machine" started coming out of my mouth, I broke down in hysterical sobs!  I guess it was because I realized how awful it sounded?  Here I was at the point in my pregnancy where I really started noticing the weight gain...and this "pregnocerous" was OVERJOYED with the fact that I found a vending machine?!?!  ( was a juice vending machine...but still).  AND, I was hitting hubby up for cash!
Well, somehow that whole scene just led to me confessing everything that I had eaten that day...2 pieces of beef jerky that I found in my desk, a bag of cracker jacks (from the student reward drawer), and cheetos (taken from a coworkers children's after school snack stash).  That wasn't even lunch.  I started telling him that maybe if I had some snacks at work, I wouldn't run off on an eating binge!  I was so ashamed.  Poor Stephen didn't even know how to console me.  He just went right into the guest room, and added "snacks" to the dry erase board where we write down things we need to pick up at the store.  Have you ever laugh/cried?  It is the weirdest thing!  I was definitely more upset than amused...but still recognized how irrational I was being!  That Sunday, we stocked up the pantry with a ton of goodies.  Typically we do not keep snacks in the house, but this is what it has come to!

There have been a bunch of ridiculous emotional moments.  Commercials like this are a surefire way to set me off instantly.  The baby...OMG!  Every time I see that part I say "it's going to be the best day EVER!!!"

Now that we are coming up on season finales of TV shows, forget about it!  The Office the other night was intense, and there is still one to go.  

We will be keeping tissues on the coffee table from now on!  It is for the best!
I'm sure I will have plenty more moments just like these to fill you all in on.  It has definitely been an adventure so far!

Did you experience any silly emotional breakdowns like these???


  1. Oh man this is funny. I am already so emotional that I don't even want to think about what will happen when I do 'bump it out.' Stephen is wonderful and I'm sure he would have given you some cash for that vending machine. :)

  2. Hadn't seen that commercial before. LOVED it. So excited for you, Stephanie. And your post with the snacks. It's okay, it's really okay to have some snacks. Give yourself permission to indulge. Then, if you feel like it, try to go for a walk. Remember you eat a lot of really great food. By the way, since I read your post, I'm craving black bean quesadillas.

    Have a great day!

  3. oh girl did I. I cried HARD at ANY and ALL birth shows. And that freaking Pampers commercial. Lordy lord. Pregnancy turned me into a MESS

  4. Oh the crying never stops. I was watching a commercial the other day about kids getting their acceptance letters to college, one after another. I am balling, thinking of my 15 yr old and how in three short yrs he will not be with be everyday. What will I do, I've had him for so long. The perils of loving our babies. So, I like to read renegademothering. Check her out if you haven't. I love her take on motherhood.

  5. I'm not pregnant and I get emotional about stuff like this. I pity what my hubby will have to go through when I actually am pregnant!

  6. You are adorable - love that cute baby bump picture in the last post. My sister was a crying mess when she was pregnant. Actually... all of my sisters were. All 5 of them. There's no hope for me, is there? haha :)

  7. I am not even pregnant and I do that. I cry at EVERYTHING!!! I used to never cry. So I sympathize. Love your blog! Want to follow eachother? Maybe swap blogs sometime?


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