Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easy Ranch Chicken & Rice

Just like all of you, I LOVE an easy recipe (duh, doesn't everyone)!  When the actual word "easy" is in the title of the recipe, it catches my eye immediately!  Back in March, Kaitlyn from Wifessional's posted this yummy chicken dish I added it to my weekly meal plan....and I've made it another time since.  Hubby LOVES it (and so do I)!!!  Another selling point for me was the few ingredients that you need....but of course I had to go an complicate things by adding 2 more.  
The only thing I did differently than Kaitlyn, was that I added fresh green beans and jarred sliced mushrooms.  I cut the chicken into small pieces (medallions might be the technical term?), cooked them all halfway through...then added the green beans and cooked them until they started to soften and the chicken was fully cooked.  After a few minutes, I added the jarred mushrooms....then the rest of the ingredients for the sauce - and let it all simmer for 15-20 minutes

CLICK HERE for her recipe!!!  
Don't forget to let Kaitlyn know how much you love it!!! XO


  1. I love this recipe! Great idea adding a little color with the green beans! Now you've got me thinking about what I can add next time...

  2. This looks good! I made the Italian Chicken she just posted last week for dinner the other day and my boyfriend LOVED it. How on earth you guys actually make up recipes, I will never know. I'm just lucky when everything gets cooked!

  3. YUMMO!!! We made it again last week (:


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