Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Friday

I don't mean to sound disappointed by the title of this post, but these weeks are FLYING by!  That is good because I am anxious too meet my sweet little girl, but bad because I am supposed to be cherishing every single moment!  I'm trying hard not to rush things, but these weeks are just coming and going SO quickly!  The fact that another Friday is here so soon, bums me out a little because it means my parents visit is already over!  It was short and sweet, and luckily I will be seeing them in another 41 days!  I'll try hard not to wish the days away, but I miss them already!  This distance thing is tough, and with my emotions all out of whack, it's been harder than ever.  Thankfully I have Stephen by my side, I couldn't do it with out him....and he is seriously a saint for dealing with the emotional roller-coaster we have been on.  Enough of the serious stuff, it is Friday after all...definitely something to be happy about!!!  There have been so many highlights this week, I just had to narrow them down and share my faves....
1.  The pic says it all....there was a lot of excitement throughout the week over a certain little princess in the making!  XO
2.  I can't say we "discovered" a new frozen yogurt place nearby, because it has been here for a few years now.  We FINALLY tried it, and we will be going again, and again....
3.  Mom Sko is so good to me...she sent me a little "Mother-to-be" gift for Mother's Day!!!  Sweetest!
4.  It's Staff Appreciation Week, and I have loved reading these incredible letters from students!  During all of the chaos, I often forget the impact I get to have on these kids lives!  It is amazing how even just the tiniest things can mean so much to them!  Well, remember when I said I was emotional....
5.  This crib is part of the nursery set we picked out for Baby Girl, I'm more than pleased with our decision!!!

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Have the HAPPIEST Friday!!!! 


  1. I've also been loving that crib - how was it to assemble?

  2. I love that nursery set, you know this. The frozen yogurt place looks like Earth Foods? Is it?


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