Thursday, May 2, 2013

Soup Grease Removal

Greasy soup is one thing I just can not stand!!!  I know, I know...that is where all of the flavor supposedly comes from.  But seriously, who wants to eat grease by the spoonful?  Not me!  I've made my Mom's "Bowl Tipping" Chicken Soup several times now, and thought I would share how I skim the grease out of it!

These pictures are not pretty, but's not a pretty process!  I couldn't find a way to glamorize what I'm about to share, my apologies   

Step 1 - Let the soup cool so all of the grease makes a skin on the top...and try to gently scrape it off with a large spoon.
Step 2 - Take a paper towel and lay it flat on top of the soup, it will absorb the grease - remove it.  You may need to do this a few times!
Step 3 - If you can no longer see your reflection, you're doing it right!  
Now you can enjoy your grease-free soup! 


  1. I do the paper towel trick with my pizza and bacon - I hate the excess grease on things, yuck!


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