Friday, May 3, 2013

THE Friday I've been waiting for!!!

It's here!  No, I'm not excited over any ordinary parents are coming tonight!!!  They haven't been here since the summer, and wanted to come spend a little time with us before baby gets here!  I'm SUPER excited for them to see my belly in person instead of over FaceTime!  We miss's going to be a great weekend!  They will actually be visiting until Wednesday, AND I have Monday off of work!  We even have family from South Florida driving up for the weekend!  Did I mention that it is going to be a great weekend?!?! :)
1.  The official countdown - man I love countdowns, of course I have an app for that!
2.  These yummy veggies from a little market that hubby and I discovered over the weekend, are ALL gone!  High five for nutrition!
3.  It has been FOREVER since I had my hair was in desperate need of a little love!  I'm really happy with how it came out!  I've been wearing my hair curly just because I couldn't stand damaging it anymore with my straightener!
4.  Speaking of straighteners.....I'm LOVING my new one that I treated myself to!  It is amazing, and pretty (bonus)!
5.  Yesterday was our PBS reward day at work, the students were able to do karaoke during extended lunch periods!  As usual it was a blast!  It is the ONLY time I would actually volunteer to go to all 3 lunch duties!  Had to take a pic with the, i didn't sing this year.  Next year!

So there you have it, another week in review!  Can't wait to take a million pics this weekend with the family.  If I'm a little MIA around here, you know why - but I do have some things planned for you all! Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. How Fun! So glad that you get to be with your folks this weekend, hope you guys have great weather!

  2. I am LOVING this!!!! It's so cute how excited you are-- and I bet your parents are SOOOO excited to see your babygirl! WOOHOO!!!! It's so good that you can have time with them before life gets (more) hectic!! Go you!! I look forward to lots of instagram pics! ;) -- Charissa from The Smashbook

  3. Sounds like you have an amazing weekend planned, that's great your parents are coming over!
    I love your hair straightener!!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend ♥

  4. Your hair looks so super cute!! LOVE
    Have a great weekend! Hope to see you in a couple weeks :)

  5. Yay!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! :-)

  6. Have a great weekend with your parents! Call Tim & Kath (my parents) if they want to buy a house *wink* My favorite thing about reading your posts now is that I can hear your voice when I read. I love being real life friends!


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