Wednesday, April 3, 2013

17 Week Bumpdate

I don't know why I have been dragging my feet on these "Bumpdates"...I'm almost halfway through, it's about time I get going!!!  Please bare with me, this pic isn't great and I don't expect they will get better as the weeks go on.  I decided to take it in the guest room (future nursery), because I was tired of having the toilet in the background of all of my bathroom shots.  I'm honestly not sure if this is much better.  Oh well, it will have to do.  This will probably be my longest bumpdate, I feel like there is so much to catch up on!!!
Changes I've noticed: The main thing I have been noticing is the fact that my belly is getting BIG!  I know I still have a long way to go, but seems like this past week I've experienced a lot of growth.  Maybe I'm just at that point in my pregnancy, OR maybe it is all of the food I have been consuming from being on break as well as celebrating Easter down south with my super Italian family!  Either way, it's pretty obvious at this point that I'm pregnant.  I feel like I was in that awkward stage for so long where it was questionable whether or not I was pregnant, or just had a massive food baby.  I've also noticed my veins are really standing out, especially on my chest, stomach, and legs.  So far no stretch marks (at least no new ones), but I am rubbing my belly with cocoa butter as if my life depends on it!  I guess it can't hurt to do it even though everything I read says it's hereditary (note to self, ask mom about stretch marks).  As far as weight gain goes, I've gained 10 lbs so far....I'm already having anxiety over how I'm going to go to the gym with all of that "new mom exhaustion", but I suppose I have time to worry about all of that!

How I've been feeling:  Well it's hard to say right now because my throat is still bothering me, but I can't really say that it's pregnancy related.  Another ailment (it's always something) I've had for the past month are headaches.  They don't happen every day, but often enough (4-5 times a week).  I'm really trying hard to avoid taking Tylenol even though the doc says I can.  I've only broken down and taken ONE (which is probably pointless), two times.  On Friday night, I experienced heartburn for the first time - AWFUL, but Tums helped!  I'm thinking it was from the garlic bread I ate.  Other than that, I feel much better then I did earlier on in the pregnancy - no more nausea and queasiness!  I also am starting to get my energy back a little bit!  Overall, I can't really say it's been YaY!

How I've been sleeping:  Thanks to my mother in-law, I have an awesome body pillow that helps a LOT!  I'm having a hard time sleeping (and staying) on my side, so the pillow has been helping me train myself to sleep on my side.  I often wake up on my back (and then freak about it), but when I asked my doctor about it he said not to panic!  I guess the whole "sleeping on your back is harmful for the baby" thing is just a theory...but I'm not taking any chances.  I'm going to try to get used to staying on my side!

Food and exercise:  One thing I haven't been able to get a complete hold of is my diet and exercise.  "Craving-wise", I haven't experienced anything too crazy.  I went through a brief McDonalds cheeseburger phase, and of course pickles...but that isn't too different from pre-pregnancy.  I've also been drinking a lot of orange juice.  So as far as crazy pregnant lady cravings...I can't say I've experienced anything too intense.  After running the 5k about a month ago, I haven't ran since...I've gotten a lot of walking in, and done some arm exercises with my 6 lb. weights.  Pre-natal yoga seemed kind of pointless, but maybe it was just the video I happened to try.  I know I haven't been as healthy as I want to be, I think I've been using pregnancy as an excuse more than anything.  It doesn't help that I haven't had much energy, but that seems to be getting better so I'm hoping to get myself back into a routine!  I'm hoping to find a workout that works for me! 

Maternity clothes:  I was able to go shopping last Friday while we were down in South Florida and got a pretty good selection of clothes.  Right now, I still need some pants for work...and it won't be long before it gets SUPER hot down here and I need some summer clothes.  So far, I have a good starting point.  I really do need to find some pants though, because wearing my pants with the button open, and my belly band IS starting to get uncomfortable.  Especially now that I have a few items that do fit me, it's hard to go back to my old unbuttoned stuff.  Check out these new jeans I got from "A Pea in the Pod"...LOVE them!  I promised hubby I would be living in these on the weekends!  Man, maternity clothes are not cheap!  
Movement:  She moves around SO much!  I know I'm still in the "flutters" phase, but I feel it often!  I can only imagine how it will be later on!  This girl likes to wiggle!  It's so cute, love feeling her squirm around in there.  Sometimes it tickles, enjoying it now before it turns to stabbing pains from her little kicks and jabs!  I'm also noticing some patterns, seems like she is more active at night...she is a night owl like her mamma!  I keep trying to get Stephen to feel her moving around, but it's not strong enough to feel from the outside....soon!

Best moment this past week:  Duh, finding out that we are having a little girl pretty much takes the (cup)cake....see what I did there.... I crack myself up!

Alright, I think this about sums it all up!  Here is a picture of our sweet little girl...I just can't stop staring at her!!!  


  1. yay...I was going to get on to you for not posting about the bump! You look so precious and I have a bit of "baby fever" now. Keep up the walking it will help a ton around labor time and you might want to add weights. keep up the "bump " posts!

  2. awe :) <3 I am so excited for you and this journey!

  3. YAY!!! You finally gave in (: I wish you had been doing these all along...I am hoping by 17 weeks I have a bump too! Tomorrow we can chat and I can secretly talk to you about the gender!! Maybe we will both have little girls!

    And PS, H&M has maternity skinny jeans and cute pants for only $15...and Old Navy and Gap is cheap too if you buy during a sale (:

  4. So cute! And heartburn is the worst I never had it till I was pregnant with my little guy.

  5. ohh my gosh you are quite possibly the cutest little thing ever!

  6. I absolutely love this bump-date, I can not wait to see how it evolves!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. You. Are. Adorable!! Seriously, cutest bump ever! And you're having a girl--that's so exciting!!! AHH! Can't wait for more updates :D

  8. Super excited for all ur new experiences!! Fun fun!!


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