Wednesday, April 17, 2013

19 Week Bumpdate

What?!?  Baby is still the size of a mango?  Maybe last week she was a small mango, and this week she is a large mango?  These fruit comparisons are fun, but it bothers me they couldn't think of something different!
(So, I've decided to just go with the bathroom pics....they come out better!)
Changes I've noticed:  Nothing too different from last week.  As far as weight gain goes, I'm still hovering around 11 lbs.  I'm actually surprised it's not more, because I'm noticing a little extra jiggle in my arms!  Ha!    

How I've been feeling:  Still pretty tired, but work has been draining me so I don't know if it's completely pregnancy related.  I'm sure it's not helping.  A few nights this past week I got really queasy after eating dinner.  As soon as I start to feel this way, I have a preggy pop drop...and let me tell you, those things help!!!  My emotions are just out of control!  All I have to do is think about Baby Girl for a second, and I get overwhelmed with emotions!  I cried the other day watching a Subaru commercial when a Mommy and Daddy were taking a baby home from the hospital.  I was hysterical (no joke), and was saying "that's going to be's going to be the best day ever".  Stephen has his hands full because there were at least three similar moments since then! 

How I've been sleeping:  Not too great.  Mainly I've been having a hard time falling asleep, which is weird considering how exhausted I've been.  I'm also starting to get very minor leg cramps, nothing major at all though...yet!!!!

Food and exercise:  Since I haven't really been cooking my usual weeknight recipes, I feel like overall I haven't been eating as well as I typically do.  I'm looking forward for things to settle down so I can get back into my normal routine, and focus on cooking a little healthier - instead of just making what is easy and fast.  Still using my weights to help ward off the jiggle...I'm also starting to do a tiny bit of yoga too.  Trying to ease into it!

Maternity clothes:  I really love the collection I have going so far.  Everything is super comfortable, and I feel like they don't look like maternity clothes.  They are closer to my actual style...I guess it pays that I have been REALLY picky when I'm shopping!  I noticed all of the clothes I have purchased are either black with white stripes, or white with black stripes.  Anyone who I told this to said things like "stop, no one will notice" or "don't even worry about it".  I had to laugh because today at work a student says "you wear a lot of black and white stripes!"  Kids.....

Movement:  Stronger, and more frequent...but still nothing strong enough to feel from the outside.  

Best moment this past week:  The best moment was definitely when we went to register for our sweet little peanut!!!  She is going to be SPOILED!!!!  I still can't get over how much more difficult it is to register for a baby than a wedding!  We were at the store for FOUR HOURS!  We still have some minor adjustments to make.  What a process!  But it sure is fun!
Can't wait until next week when I get to report on the HALFWAY point!!!  XO


  1. AHH you're almost halfway there!! That's so exciting! You are as adorable as ever and I hope you can start getting some sleep/rest soon!

  2. You're almost halfway!~ HOORAY! :) So excited for your mango :)

  3. I think my personal "stephanie" fashion shows are better than the public blog ones...just saying..... (:


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