Friday, April 12, 2013


1.  My favorite...Taco Night (and it wasn't even on a Tuesday....ReBeL)!!!
2.  Started wearing my rings on my necklace, but I'm okay with it...just means Baby Girl is getting closer to making her arrival!
3.  This box of goodies we started collecting for our little peanut makes me smile!
4.  Love awesome convos like these with my sweet and patient hubby!
5.  Instant good mood = TLC on Pandora!

I'm ECSTATIC about the fact that it is Friday!  You can tell by all of these......!!!!
Have a good one! 

Doing double duty on the link ups:
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  1. Is TLC the group that sings waterfall? cause that's a good song!

  2. Your little girl is going to be so spoiled with all those goodies. ;-)

  3. LOVE! I'm totally singing Creep right now :)


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