Wednesday, April 24, 2013

20 Week Bumpdate

I'm officially HALFWAY there..Yipppeeeee!!!!!
Baby Girl is the size of a more little mango!
Changes I've noticed:  Ugh, I think I'm getting stretch marks on my hips!  I can't tell if they are old or new though...maybe I'm just paying WAY too much attention to these things and I'm psyching myself out (probably not)?  So far, I'm up 12 pounds...and I'm noticing that I'm getting wider.  I just feel like my back and shoulders are wider, I hope that is normal!  Somebody please tell me this is normal...

How I've been feeling:  Tired, tired, and tired...not cool!  I've also been getting a little bit of heartburn, nothing a few Tums can't fix though!

How I've been sleeping:  A little bit better, been waking up A LOT on my back...drives me nuts!  

Food and exercise:  Since we were on a mini-vacation this weekend, I didn't eat so great...the chocolate fondue wasn't my finest moment...but since then I've been doing much better (yes, I realize it's only Wednesday)!  I'm on day 3 of the Green Smoothie Challenge, so I feel great!  I've also been walking a lot, and doing some squats, lunges, and strength training with my weights.  

Maternity clothes:  Over the weekend, I was rocking the maternity bathing suits (as much as one can rock them I think)!  I went shopping for them about 2 weeks ago, and I bought THREE!  This may have been a bit excessive, but hey - I live in Florida and this summer is going to be rough!!!  Who knew it would be way easier than shopping for regular bathing suits?  I guess it was because my options were very limited, but I was pleasantly surprised!
Movement:  Finally, I've been feeling actual kicks!  Stephen still hasn't been able to feel them though, the tricky part now is going to be catching it when it happens.  She only kicks me once, or twice at a time...I'm determined for him to experience it though, getting antsy!!!

Best moment this past week:  When we went away to Vero Beach this past weekend, we talked about Baby Girl ALL WEEKEND long!  We keep talking about what she is going to look like, and what her personality will be like...we came to the conclusion that she is going to be beautiful, and awesome!  Obviously!  Completely biased already!!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!!


  1. Yay! I turned into a thick shoulder linebacker with my 1st daughter, so its normal. You look fabulous in all your weekend getaway pictures. For some reason when I was pregnant I though it was cute to sport a tiny bikini, lets just say those pics will never be seen again.

  2. I'm less than a week behind you! I've already seen stretchmarks on my hips too. Not crazy about that! I think I've felt a little wider too, but it's hard to tell. I need to buy a bathing suit. I live in NY, so we don't need the bathing suits quite yet. I'll be needing one soon, though! I agree on the kicks. I feel it moving around in there, and can't wait to feel it more frequently so DH can feel it!

  3. WOOOOOT WOOT! 20 weeks! and yes it's TOTALLY normal to get wider. Everything does when you get pregnant. But girl, you look AWESOME. And be honest...are those green smoothies...actually good?

  4. ALSO--I didn't get stretch marks till my 7th month, so I think you're good till around then. BUt honestly, I wish I hadn't paid so much attention to them when I was pregnant. Kinda ruined my experience a bit because I was so damn depressed about the stretchmarks. lol

  5. I think I am getting wider too. My hips feel wider. And I cannot wait until I am 20 weeks!!! I want to go to our next appointment so badly. You look great and I LOVED the bathing suits (:

  6. I don't think my boyfriend got to feel Travis kick until about 23 or 24 weeks, but I started feeling him around 21 weeks. Eventually you'll be able to see the baby moving! Haha

  7. You look totally adorable and your so tiny with just a little baby bump I love it!!

  8. You looks so adorable!! I love that swimsuit. :-)


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