Wednesday, April 10, 2013

18 Week Bumpdate

At 18 weeks, Baby Girl is the size of a mango....just when I think how crazy it is that there is a mango-sized baby growing in there...I look at my tummy and think "is that it"?  Well obviously the size of my belly fluctuates throughout the day, so I don't always feel like my "bump" is HUGE...but still, a mango seems small when I look at this picture!  Heehee!
Changes I've noticed:  I don't feel like anything has changed much since last week, still noticing a lot of veins.  I have read this is normal due to increased blood flow...but I'm surprised by just how intense they are considering I'm somewhat tan.  It freaks me out, I keep making Stephen come look at all my veins - he doesn't seem as amused by them as I am though!  I've also noticed my gums have been bleeding more lately when I brush my teeth.  I'll mention it to the dentist when I go next month, but I'm about 99% sure "this is normal".  I've gained another lb...which brings me to 11 so far.  

How I've been feeling:  I was REALLY sick last week, it was awful!  I don't believe any of it was due to pregnancy, but obviously since I'm pregnant I couldn't really take anything - so I felt WORSE!  I had a bad sore throat for 3 days, then it evolved into congestion, and a bad lasted about a week and I had a fever for most of it.  I'm just now feeling better...YAY!  "Pregnancy-wise", I'm just super tired.  This might just be because I am so run-down from just getting over being sick, and stressed a little because of work, and working me I am getting every minute of rest that I possibly can when I get home though!  (Have you read my weekend recap?)  I did get nauseous will read about it when you get to the part about food...

How I've been sleeping:  Like a rock, although when my cough was in full swing I had a hard time falling asleep.  Otherwise, I've been sleeping well...even staying on my side!

Food and exercise:  A few days ago, I did about 10 squats and I felt like a ran a marathon...maybe next time I'll start with 4?  I used to do them all the time, didn't think 10 would kill me.  I guess I was wrong.  I've been doing a lot of stretching, and continuing using my weights...I feel like it's helping.  After a bad experience with stuffed peppers the other night, I have been really trying to listen to my body as far as when I'm full.  I couldn't quite keep dinner down that night, I feel like it was because I ate too much too fast, drank a lot of cold water, and then lied down on the couch....recipe for disaster.  SO, I've been pacing myself and eating smaller meals more frequently during the day.  I've been craving banana runts ever since my aunt gave me a big bag of them, but resisting the urge to special order them from an online candy shop!!!
Maternity clothes:  I've been wearing the new things I purchased 2 weekends it all!  This upcoming weekend we are probably going to Orlando, I am going to see about buying another pair (or two) of work pants...and also...a maternity bathing suit...this could end up being a nightmare, I'm aware!  We are going away for a little beach getaway soon...and I don't know if I want to rock the bikini.  I will if I have to I suppose, but I don't think it could hurt to see if I find anything I like.  We'll see - wish me luck (I'm scared)!

Movement:  It throws me off because I will have a day when she is moving around SO much, and then go about two or three days where I only notice light flutters a little bit when I'm laying down at night!  But when she is moving...she is like a little wild woman in there!  Today I didn't feel her much all day, and then all of a sudden I felt her do about two flips!  It sort of tickles, love it though!  Still nothing strong enough to feel on the outside, we keep checking and waiting!  

Best moment this past week:  The other day it suddenly occurred to me that "OMG, I can paint her little nails"'s definitely hitting me in stages, I'm having a girl - WHAT!?!?  :):):)

Looking forward to what's to come next week!  


  1. u are too precious! The veins and bloody gums are normal. I had the same issues and once had itchy gums so bad I thought I was dying. So glad that you are feeling better and sleeping.Not only can you paint her nails, but bows, ruffles, lace, pink, and sparkles are fun too!

  2. The gum thing is %100 normal. Happens to most pregnant women :) Increased blow flow! :) and girls are the BEST. :) ;) <3

  3. You look amazing! And the vein thing is normal - I have it too, its really bad for me though since I am very pale, but my midwife said its because of increased blood flow. And I'm with you on the bikini thing, not sure if I could do it either!

    Shannon [ ]

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon, girlie! You look SO cute--can't wait to see pictures of your baby girl!!

  5. so cute!!!! I want to be 18 weeks along!!! Then we get another gender scan to re-confirm she is a SHE!!!

  6. cute and congrats! girls are fun and paint away. on a pregnant woman would know when she could special order banana runts! too funny! my blog:

  7. You're too cute! The gum bleeding is totally normal mine were really bad also even brushing my teeth would make me gag. For the stuffed bell peppers make sure the meat is cooked extremely good sounds silly saying this to you but one time mine wants cooked fully and I lost dinner also. And now I hate meatloaf and stuffed bell peppers cause of the pregnancy.

  8. Having a girl is the BEST! Congrats - just found your blog!


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