Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh thank heavens....

....I've made it to Friday!
1.  Loving my new stash of B&BW soaps....all summer scents!!!
2.  I can still see my toes!!!
3.  Curly hair for an entire week (truth is, I desperately need a haircut)!
4.  Our bag is packed for our ONE YEAR Anniversary beach weekend getaway...leaving after work today!  
5.  Amazing FaceTime chats with my parents make me smile!!!

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Since I'll be beaching it up all weekend, I probably won't be posting my "What's cooking this week" post until Monday!  
I hope you all have an incredible weekend!!! 


  1. Have a great weekend, we are taking the kiddos to the beach too!

  2. Hope you have a great vacation!
    Stop by some time

  3. New follower from the blog hop! Have a great trip :)

  4. Ooo... Yay! Have a wonderful trip! :-)


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