Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check out these Buttes

(Pronounced "Byoots" not "Butts".... Just sayin....)

We drove right through them and had lunch between them. All of the trucks lined up for the money shot.... soooooo awesome!
Check em out.....

Can't wait to see the professional ones!!
Pretty amazing...I also took this one.... This is the other butte on the other side.

Hahaha.... I know my Dad probably has a million comments....
"that's a nice set of buttes you got there..." among many others I'm sure!!!
Anywho, we just finished lunch and we are going to keep on truckin!

I actually wrote this post a while ago and couldn't send it because I had no service..,.but we are all done with the trail and heading back to camp to get cleaned up! Ttyl!
--> Stephanie

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  1. Your Dad stole my line! I was going to say "nice Butt". Damn! ~Kim

  2. Very cool spot for lunch. Work sucks more and more :( Great pictures though :)

  3. awesome pics steph! i wish i were there right now. everyhtin is, in my opinion, a sight to see. but like my big sis said, what is there to do besides climb rocks???
    i mean those are some rockin rocks, but seriously.
    I'd like to climb that and see the view from up there, it's makin me curious just thinkin about it!
    your cuz,
    kristen :] !!

  4. kristen again, i kinda messed up on that last one.
    don't mind that!!!


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